Objective 3:

Provide flexibility for student career path development 1) into careers requiring a bachelor’s degree and/or 2) by participation in research with an expectation of continued education for an advanced degree (M.S. or Ph.D.). Understanding of career path options will be evaluated through pre-post assessment indicating greater awareness of career possibilities, increased interest and willingness to participate in internships, and other professional development activity involvement.

Many students lack an understanding of career options in agriculture or, more specifically, animal science.  Including partners within and outside the university exposes students to career options in areas like veterinary medicine, food safety, biosecurity, molecular biology, animal genetics, animal inspection, animal health and well-being.  Students interested in careers with agencies or in industry will engage in activities to broaden knowledge of positions.  Students interested in research and continuing to graduate/professional school will be encouraged to participate in undergraduate research, which will broaden their skill set by experiential learning and better prepare them for graduate school.

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