Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Giving FAQ

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions that are received by the Office of Alumni & Development.  If you cannot find the answer to your questions or if you would simply like more information call us at (361) 593-4191.

Q.  Where should I make my check out to?

A.  You can make your check out to Texas A&M University - Kingsville and mail it to:

Office of Development
Texas A&M University - Kingsville
MSC 173 - 700 University Blvd.
Kingsville, TX 78363

Q.  Can I call in my donation?

A.  We no longer take donations over the phone.  But the best way to give is through our secure online giving form.  You can access that form wherever you see this button:
Q.  Is my gift tax deductible?

A.  Yes!  As long as no goods or services are exchanged to you, your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Q.  Will I receive a receipt for my tax records so that I can claim the deduction?

A.  After we receive your donation we promptly send you an acknowledgement.  For gifts under $75, a general acknowledgement card will be sent.  For gifts over $75, a letter will be sent that provides the necessary information for whomever prepares your taxes.

Q.  Can I specify where my contributions go?

A.  Absolutely!  Your contribution can be designated to a variety of areas including scholarships, colleges or the Javelina Alumni Association, just to name a few.  Your gift directly benefits the area you choose.  You can designate the area for your donation on our online giving form or by specifying it on your check.  If you require assistance in designating your donation please contact a University representative 

Q.  What is the difference between giving to Texas A&M University - Kingsville and the 
Texas A&M - Kingsville Foundation?

A.  Gifts to either Texas A&M University - Kingsville (Texas A&M University System) or 
Texas A&M - Kingsville Foundation both impact the University.  However, there are some differences between the two entities regarding how endowments generate earnings and make disbursements of funds.

Texas A&M - Kingsville Foundation pools endowments to create an investment fund and shares, on a pro-rata basis, in the earnings from the investment of the funds.  The principal of the fund is invested to produce income that a spending account is drawn off of for scholarships that are awarded.  The principal remains untouched, so the endowment can last into perpetuity.  Annual award amounts vary based on a 16 quarter outlook of the investment as well as the invested amount reaching its 110% its value.  In addition, the Texas A&M Kingsville - Foundation has its own advisors that manage the funds.  Visit the Texas A&M - Kinsville Foundation website for more information by clicking HERE.

Donations to Texas A&M University - Kingsville (Texas A&M University System) are invested into similar endowments as the Foundation, however, funds are pooled among all Universities that are a part of the Texas A&M University System and disburse earnings based on a 20-quarter average (rather than 4 for the Foundation).  

Q.  What is a "planned gift" and what are the options available to me and the benefits of those options?

A.  Our 
planned giving page has some basic information on some of the most popular planned giving options and the benefits they present to donors.  You can also discuss these options with your investment advisors or contact us HERE and a University representative will contact you.

Q.  What do I need to do to set up a scholarship?

A.  Visit our 
page on establishing scholarships for some basic information on setting up a scholarship or endowment.  You can also contact us HERE and a University representative will contact you.

This page was last updated on: June 24, 2016