Dr. Ryan Rhoades, Texas A&M Kingsville

A Word from the project director: 

The goal of this USDA funded project is to offer students from under-represented populations a chance to meet the wonderful faculty atTexas A&M Kingsville, learn about the opportunities in each area, visit our great campus and learn about a degree in agriculture, wildlife, natural resources and human sciences.  This project also support undergraduates research projects, which increases interest in advancing their education. 

We are in the early stages of the project, but assessment efforts offer encouraging results.  Please explore our site.  Educational opportunities in agriculture and natural resources for underrepresented students is an investment worth supporting, pass it on!


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The mission of this USDA funded project is to recruit quality students that are prepared to enter post-secondary education programs focusing on human, agriculture and natural resource sciences, scholarship; and undergraduate and graduate research to encourage academic advancement of those students. 

The main points of recruiting students will: 1st, have opportunity to experience “hands-on” laboratories that incorporate the most recent advances in several areas of agricultural research skills and computer simulation technology; 2nd, have mentoring experience related to career development opportunities under the supervision of TAMUK faculty mentors and USDA collaborators, respectively. This program has received exceptional support from secondary education programs and HSI related junior colleges. 3rd have the experience of being on a college campus and becoming acquainted with surrounding facilities that support their education. 

This project will be of value at the State and National level by recruiting and financially supporting highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students to foster advancements in the Food and Agriculture Sciences.  It will also enhance research, teaching, and service efforts at TAMUK, Texas AgriLife Research, USDA-ARS, and USDA-AMS through increased faculty collaboration. The project will also be of value at the regional level by increasing the visibility and reputation of TAMUK in the agricultural scientific and professional communities as a competitive institution that conducts sound research and generates quality students. 

This page was last updated on: January 4, 2016