Dependent Individual Basing Residency on Parent or Guardian

Dependent students are those who are eligible to be claimed as a dependent of a parent or legal guardian for income tax purposes or who are less than 18 years of age and have not been emancipated by marriage or court order.

A dependent person is entitled to classification as a resident for tuition purposes if the parent or guardian of that person:

  1. established a residence in Texas not less than 12 consecutive months (1 year) before the census date of the academic semester in which the person enrolls in the institution of higher education, and
  2. maintained the residency in Texas continuously for the 12 months (1 year) leading up to the census date of the academic semester in which the person enrolls in the institution of higher education

The student will be required to submit a completed Core Residency Questionnaire and provide supporting documentation. 

Residency Core Questionnaire 

  • All students must complete Parts A and B of the Core Residency Questions
  • We recommend that all students who are still enrolled in high school, or only recently graduated from high school, complete Parts C and D.
  • After Part D, please read the rest of the questionnaire very carefully and complete the sections as required so that we have complete information on which to base an official residency decision.
  • It is your responsibility to answer all the required questions on the questionnaire accurately and honestly.  We encourage you to seek assistance from your parent or guardian while completing the questionnaire.

Documentation to Support Domicile and Residency 

Unless you answered “Yes” to all four questions on Part D of the Core Residency Questions you will need to submit additional documents to support your request to be considered a Texas resident for tuition purposes.  You should submit at least one (1) item from Part A and no less than three (3) items, in full, from Part B.  Depending on how you answer various questions on the core questionnaire, you may be requested to submit one or more items from Part C.

Since you are basing your residency on that of your parent or guardian, the documentation submitted will need to be from the person(s) on whom you are basing your residency.  This will be the person for whom you answered the questions on Part G.  You will also need to submit the page of your parent or guardian’s most recent Federal Tax Return to show that they claimed you as a dependent for income tax purposes.

It is your responsibility to submit all the required documentation to support your claim to Texas residency.