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Faculty Senate Disaster Policy

A student’s inability to attend class due to circumstances arising from Hurricane Harvey justifies a university excused absence. Texas A&M University—Kingsville will officially excuse all student absences through September 8, 2017. The university will also excuse absences from class after September 8th as necessary, with guidance from community officials in affected areas, for as long as needed. Students must request official excuses from class on or after September 11th from the Dean of Students.

Students may be struggling to get textbooks or other materials due to hardship or delivery delays. The instructor may help by providing or posting materials on Blackboard. The Jernigan Library may have copies that can be borrowed, or professors may place items on reserve.

A faculty member shall make needed accommodations and modifications, without sacrificing academic rigor, to ensure each student affected by Hurricane Harvey can complete their course without penalty, and remain on their degree plan. Each affected student will be advised to meet with their instructors, who will each develop an individual plan for the student to complete the course. These written plans will be provided to each student and submitted to the Office of the Provost. The Provost will notify the Office of Student Success in cases where their resources will be required.

Multiple options and resources are available to faculty members, departments, and affected students to support the development and implementation of plans to assist affected students in completing their courses.

Some options for departments and faculty members developing plans to accommodate affected students include:

  • In a course where topics and concepts are independent (ex: introductory survey courses), instructors can allow students to complete missed work after the due date without penalty.
  • In a course where topics and concepts are cumulative by nature or design (ex: math and science courses), instructors may:
    • Modify due dates and provide extra reference resources and support.
    • Connect students to available intensive tutoring services—ex. PAAC, JavALab, or make arrangements with the Center for Student Success, which will offer extended hours during the week and on the weekend to serve students.
    • If the affected student has missed too many classes or too much content to successfully complete the course in the Fall semester, the department or instructor may assign an incomplete and consider the following options, which can be offered to the student at no cost, and for which instructors may receive compensation where appropriate:
      • Offer the course during the second 8-week session of Fall 2017 Semester.
      • Offer the course during the Winter Intersession.
      • Offer the course next semester.
      • Offer the course next semester as an independent study.
      • Offer the course next semester as a Special Topics class to replace the missed class.