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Counseling Assessment Handbook
CMHC Master's Student Handbook
Field Experience Handbook
Practicum Application

On-site Supervisor Training 

Supervisor Training PowerPoint
Supervisor Training Test Questions


EDCG 5323 Group Counseling
EDCG 5324 Assessment
EDCG 5354 Program Development for School Counselors
EDCG 5357 Practicum 
EDCG 5315 Ethics and Legal Issues
EDCG 5311 Theories of Counseling
EDCG 5310 Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice
EDCG 5366 & EDCG 5368 Internship 
EDCG 5312 Counseling Techniques
EDCG 5321 Abnormal Human Behavior
EDCG 5322 Substance Abuse & Addictions Counseling
EDCG 5329 Research in Counseling
EDCG 5339 Human Growth 
EDCG 5345 Diagnosis in Counseling
EDCG 5350 Marriage Family Counseling
EDCG 5347 Multicultural Counseling
EDCG 5355 Vocational Career Counseling
EDCG 5358 School Counseling Techniques
EDCG 5360 Rural Mental Health Counseling
EDCG 5362 Leadership & Advocacy in Rural Communities
EDCG 5364 Crisis Counseling