Living and Learning Community Information

The Department of University Housing & Residence Life at Texas A&M University - Kingsville offers Living Learning Communities (LLC) for students. Students have the option of choosing to live in an LLC or not, but we feel it is a great way for new students to become part of campus life much sooner because they will be living with other students with similar interests. LLC activities are centered on those similar interests. Click here to visit the LLC website

Fitness & Wellness

Hall: Bishop, Martin


This new Living Learning Community will provide space in Bishop Hall for women and in Martin Hall for men. There will be a workout room and a kitchen provided for each of these Living Learning Communities. This community will also provide activities for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.


Hall: Turner, Bishop


Whether you are in the marching band or a garage band, if music is your passion then the Music community is for you. On this floor, your roommate might play the piano, and your neighbor might play the guitar. Regardless, residents share music as a common interest. On these floors you will commonly find residents practicing, writing songs, or performing. There are sound proof practice rooms in each hall.


Hall: Lucio Hall


We have a tutor and computer lab as part of this Living Learning Community and is opened to ALL students living in the residence halls. Students are housed in Lucio Hall.

Agriculture and Wildlife

Hall: Lynch, Martin


This new Living Learning Community will provide tutoring services in Biology and a computer lab as well as field trips with faculty and staff. Lynch Hall will house our women and Martin Hall will house our men in these Living Learning Communities.


Hall:  Mesquite Village West


If you have a "passion for fashion" or want to learn more about how an interest in the fashion industry can lead to a successful career, this LLC is for you! Students are housed in Mesquite Village West.


Hall: Lucio Hall


This Living Learning Community is ideal for campus leaders or for those who want to learn how they can make a difference in our society. Students are housed in Lucio Hall.

Career Launch

Hall: Bishop, Turner


Do you want a head start on making sure you land your dream job after college and make as much money as you can? Career Launch starts you off on the right foot and includes guided preparation from Career Services to help you become a student that employers fight over.  


Hall: Mesquite Village West


The Honors LLC is for students who are interested in being a part of Honors College or for those who want insight on ways to excel in the classroom.  Students are housed in Mesquite Village West.

Humanities & Culture

Hall: Lucio Hall


This new LLC will be home to students who are interested in South Texas culture and the unique language behind it! Students will be housed in a co-ed hall at Lucio Hall.

Living, Learning, and Growing

Hall: St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Hall


Living, Learning, and Growing is what the St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Hall experience is all about. You will enjoy dynamic and independent living with a focus on building a positive sense of community.

In addition to a very convenient location, professional management, amazing amenities, 24/7 service, social events, and our CA Concierge service, residents may also choose to take advantage of additional programming and resources offered by the Newman Center to help them focus on their spiritual journey.

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This page was last updated on: September 29, 2015