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Minor in Supply Chain and Logistics

It is well known that supply chain management (SCM) and Logistics are integral moving part of most businesses and they are essential to achieve company success and customer satisfaction. Besides of boosting customer service, reducing operating costs, improving financial position, satisfying societal needs and overall, improving quality of life, a Supply Chain optimally orchestrated will ultimately lead to develop a competitive advantage.


Required courses:

MGMT 3355 Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management:The study of the processes directly related to the creation and distribution of goods and services, forecasting, inventory management, logistics and supply chain information systems. BUAD 3355, ISYS 3330 and MATH 1324.

MKTG 3330 Transportation:Foundation for transportation operations, transportation management, strategy formation, technology deployment, international operations, transportation services selection and performance evaluation.

MKTG 3375 Warehouse and Inventory Management:Fundamental concepts and best practices of warehouse and inventory management.

MKTG 4345 Contracts and Documentation:Provides the foundation to write and understand the proper use of the contracts and documentation required throughout the supply chain. Prerequisites: MKTG 3320 and MKTG 3332

Six credit hours from the following courses:

BAUD 3366 Introduction to Business Intelligence:Concepts and applications of computer programming language as it applies to business intelligence. Prerequisite: ISYS 3330

ISYS 4320  Predictive Analytics for Business: An introduction to data mining techniques for efficient data retrieval and process. Identify and discern the right predictive analytic techniques for diverse business problems. Prerequisites: BUAD 3355 and ISYS 3330.

MGMT 4358 Lean Operations:Concepts, tools, and techniques applied in the design and operation of lean systems. Prerequisite: MGMT 3312

MKTG 4335 Supply Chain Management:Purchasing; supplier relationship and supply chain management; inbound and outbound logistics. Role of technology in managing the supply chain. International logistics. Prerequisite: MKTG 3324

Candidates for the minor must earn at least 12 credit hours in residency at Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business with at least 6 credit hours of upper level credits