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Minor in Entrepreneurship

A Minor in Entrepreneurship will prepare students to embark on their own ventures for both creating and growing a new or an existing business. It will help future entrepreneurs to evaluate business opportunities by providing access to resources, knowledge and experiences that will enhance and improve upon a strong business education. 

It will consist of 18 credit hours, including the following required 12 credit hours: ACCT 3314, FINC 4366, MGMT 3310, and MGMT 4360; and six additional hours chosen from the following courses: FINC 3355, ISYS 3320, MGMT 3325, MKTG 3360, MKTG 3370, MKTG 4321, MKTG 4335, and MKTG 4350.

Required courses:

Accounting 3314 Cost/Managerial Accounting

Finance 4366 Entrepreneurial Finance

Management 3310 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Management 4360 Small Business Consulting

Six credit hours from the following electives:

Finance 3355 Pricing for Profitability

Information Systems 3320 Responsive Web Design

Management 3325 Human Resource Management

Marketing 3360 Sales

Marketing 3370 Online Marketing

Marketing 4335 Supply Chain Management

Marketing 4350 Consumer Behavior