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Minor in Professional Sales

The College will begin offering a Minor in Professional Sales beginning in the fall 2018 academic year. According to the Sales Education Foundation, more than 50% of business graduates begin their post-college career in a sales role and that a minimum of three sales courses can make a difference in future employment. 

A minor in Professional Sales consists of 18 credit hours, including the following 12 required credit hours: MKTG 3360, MKTG 4315, MKTG 4335, MKTG 4321, and six credit hours from the following: ISYS 3320, MKTG 3365, MKTG 3370, MKTG 4325, MKTG 4350.  Candidates for the minor in Professional Selling must earn at least 12 credit hours in residency at Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business with at least 6 credit hours of upper level credits.

Required courses:

Marketing 3360 Sales

Marketing 4315 Sales Management

Marketing 4335 Supply Chain

Marketing 4321 Business Negotiation Skills

Six credit hours from the following electives:

Information Systems 3320 Responsive Web Design

Marketing 3365 Marketing Research

Marketing 3370 Internet as a Marketing Tool

Marketing 4325 Advanced Sales Topics

Marketing 4350 Consumer Behavior