GMAT/GRE waiver for undergraduate GPA of 3.0 +


The Master of Business Administration program at Texas A&M–Kingsville provides a transformational experience for individuals with diverse backgrounds to empower their long-term success. We realize that as a working professional, you need flexibility.

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The Master of Science in Taxation program at Texas A&M – Kingsville provides a comprehensive and specialized understanding of tax law applicable to any size firm.  The flexibility to earn credits for the CPA exam or CEUs for those wanting to expand their tax expertise while retaining their credential.

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This is YOUR Time

We hear this all the time from our students. By creating a culture that is supportive, collaborative, and student-oriented, the College of Business Administration at Texas A&M – Kingsville offers degrees that are crafted to hone the skills needed to support the community.

A community of like-minded people who are very supportive and determined. It is common for our alumni to return to campus to mentor and reconnect.

It feels like coming home.

Graduate Students By the Numbers

Year Program Structure | Three Semesters • Block = 8 weeks

Transcripted Certificates: Business Analytics, Collaboration & Team Dynamic, Health Informatics, and Taxation

$ 13,000
Estimated Tuition and Fees

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