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Scholarships available for MBA students:

CBA Graduate Scholarship

The College of Business Administration is pleased to offer the CBA Graduate Scholarship. This merit-based scholarship is available to US citizens, US residents or International applicants. Scholarship recipients who are non-Texas residents may qualify for in-state tuition.

Scholarship Criteria

MBA students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the CBA Graduate Scholarship:

  • Have applied to the College of Business MBA program and plan to attend the program during the academic year they are admitted.
  • Must demonstrate above average academic achievement (competitive GMAT or GRE scores and GPA).
  • Have demonstrated leadership potential based on professional and/or academic accomplishments. (If you want to be considered for the scholarship please email your curriculum vitae)

How do Students Apply?

No separate scholarship application is required. Qualified students who apply to the College of Business MBA Program will be considered for the Scholarship.

Selection Process

The CBA Graduate Scholarship Committee selects scholarship recipients through a competitive process based on the criteria specified above. Awards are usually disbursed in two installments, half in the Fall semester and half in the Spring, and are applied directly to the recipient's student account.

To be eligible for the CBA Graduate Scholarship, students must be admitted to Texas A&M University – Kingsville and the College of Business Administration. Please note that students who are admitted to the University but are not admitted to the College of Business are not eligible for this scholarship.