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Financial Planning Certificate

With an increasing number of Americans approaching retirement age and given that over half of older workers in the US do not have any retirement savings, the need for financial planning skills and  expertise is ever increasing and will continue to increase in the future. The financial planning profession offers students the potential for a high income career that also provides the satisfaction of helping people plan effectively for their futures and achieves their financial goals. To that end, the financial planning certificate is designed to help students meet the increasing demand for this expertise while unlocking the power of informational platforms such as Bloomberg, as well as provide a foundation upon which for them to build a fulfilling career in a growing and respected profession.

Any student seeking a business degree is eligible for a Transcripted Financial Planning Certificate. This represents a multidisciplinary approach to demonstrate their focused study in this specific area of expertise and to increase employment opportunities. The following courses (and any applicable prerequisites) are required to obtain the transcripted certificate:

Required courses:

ACCT 3308 Income Tax

FINC 3310 Personal Financial Planning

FINC 4331 Investments

FINC 4332 Portfolio Management