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Minor in Digital Marketing

A minor in Digital Marketing consists of 18 credit hours, including the following 12 required credit hours: ISYS 3320, ISYS 3330, MKTG 3364, MKTG 3370, and six credit hours from the following: ISYS 3330, ISYS 3358, MKTG 3365, MKTG 4350.  Candidates for the minor in Digital Marketing must earn at least 12 credit hours in residency at Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business with at least 6 credit hours of upper level credits.

Required courses:

Information Systems 3320 Responsive Website Design:Methods and techniques of developing a moderately complex web site; after the foundation language has been established, the aid of a web editor will be introduced. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

Information Systems 3330 Information Systems and Business Analytics:Management decision support systems, concepts of system analysis and design and information processing; data management and the development of business analytics. Prerequisites: BUAD 3335, BUAD 3355 and MATH 1324; or permission of the instructor.

Marketing 3364 Integrated Marketing Comm:Demand-stimulation processes of all elements of the promotional mix at all levels of the channel of distribution. Analysis of theoretical models and pragmatic applications of promotion in an organization. Prerequisite: MKTG 3324

Marketing 3370 Online Marketing:Combines traditional marketing (situation analysis, marketing planning, and marketing implementation) with the enhanced capabilities of electronic resources. Emphasis on student group application through use of on-line exercises and critical analysis of existing Web sites. Computer literacy expected. Prerequisite: MKTG 3324

Six credit hours from the following electives:

Information Systems 3358 Business Information Systems:A comprehensive study of the use of information technology as an organizational resource, including the implementation of disciplined processes and management development to effectively exploit the power of modern information technology.

Marketing 3365 Marketing Research:Marketing research methods as applied to management problems involving marketing strategy and policy formulation, and economic-industry-firm-sales forecasts. Prerequisites: BUAD 3265 and MKTG 3324

Marketing 4350 Consumer Behavior:Analysis and evaluation of the consumer?s position in the marketing structure including patterns of consumer behavior and the psychological, social and cultural forces that underlie such patterns. Prerequisites: MKTG 3324 and MKTG 3365