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A.I.T.P. Student Organization Becomes Chartered at the National Level


The Association of Information Technology Professionals (A.I.T.P.) set out this semester to become a student chapter recognized on the national level. There are six steps to becoming a student chapter under A.I.T.P.  They are chapter affiliation application, model student bylaws, election of chapter officers, a letter from the dean stating that the student chapter meets the requirements for a student organization at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, letter of acceptance from a sponsoring professional chapter and a transmittal form with no less than ten members with dues paid by those students. Becoming a national chapter of A.I.T.P. allows the organization the opportunities to attend conferences, participate in contests and win awards as a student chapter.  Scholarships are also available to our A.I.T.P. members. There is now the opportunity to meet information technology professionals who are leading in the field and also the ability to search and apply to jobs through the A.I.T.P. career center.  National membership opens doors to career advancement by giving the knowledge, tools and relationships that help to advance careers. The organization has grown by leaps and bounds this semester from only a few students to 19 with several memberships pending. Chapter president Noel Garcia said, “It's a great opportunity for all of us. Having our A.I.T.P chapter nationally known will allow us to network with other professionals in A.I.T.P. and learn about new technological innovations that businesses are using. We're all excited that all our hard work is finally showing and paying off!”