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Dr. Diane Friend

Assistant Professor, Agribusiness

Born and raised in the rural San Joaquin Valley of California, Diane Friend grew up learning to work hard, driving tractor, irrigating crops, and feeding livestock with her five sisters on their family farm.  From farmer to entrepreneur, and now to professor, Dr. Diane Friend, Assistant Professor of instruction at Texas A&M - Kingsville is our newest member in the Department of Agriculture to join the Agribusiness team.  Her 30+ year career with industry experience in agribusiness offers students the unique opportunity to learn first-hand knowledge from a professor with industry background.  From her journey starting several farming and agribusinesses, to managing a 2000-acre row and tree crop family farm, Friend is well equipped to bring real-life experience, bridged with applied economics and business principals, into the classroom.

Known for her inspiring personality and well-developed interpersonal skills, Friend was selected to serve in various leadership roles focused on local, state, and national agricultural issues.  Friend became a farmer-lobbyist in Washington advocating for western US farmer's water rights, helping to influence federal legislation and farm policy.

Friend partnered with others or started several small businesses through the years, most notably, a public relations and marketing agency, where she represented businesses, helping them get started, building sales teams and marketing campaigns.  Expanding her business interests, Friend engaged in real estate and business development ventures, opening her to consulting and special project contracting.

Friend entered the educational realm in 2001, when she became an adjunct professor for a community college, teaching agribusiness courses such as farm management, managerial accounting, and marketing.  It was during her 13-year tenure, that "the love of teaching" grew and thrust her career into agricultural education.  Friend has mentored many students, coaching them, and helping them launch their own careers and businesses.

Making a major life and career change in 2016, Friend decided to pursue a higher education degree.  After being accepted in the doctoral program at Texas A&M, Friend moved to College Station, Texas where she earned her Ph.D. in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication.  Combining her past career in production agriculture, marketing, agribusiness and education, Friend is well poised to teach a new generation of students to feed and lead the world.


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Dr. Diane Friend