Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


Message from the Dean, Dr. Shad D. Nelson

I welcome you to explore the Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AgNR), the most student and stakeholder engaged College in South Texas.  You are entering into a college that is recognized throughout the state and nationally with faculty that place student engagement and real-career training at the forefront of their mission to enhance your educational experience.  You will have the privilege to not only be educated by caring faculty that are recognized as experts in their field, but obtain valuable hands-on training and experiential learning opportunities through labs and field trip tailored to your major.  Research is a major focal area for the Kleberg College of AgNR, where funds provided by our stakeholders and government agencies are used to engage students in the exploration and discovery process that make meaningful impacts to the world.

The Kleberg College AgNR consists of three departments, two research intensive units, a professional graduate ranch management program, a veterinary technology program, and a university farm.  Our majors study a diversity of disciplines from agriculture science, agribusiness, animal science, veterinary technology, to range and wildlife sciences; with concentrated program enhancement options in ag education, environmental sciences, ranch management, and plant and soil sciences.  You will find the faculty to be involved with your success and class size typically smaller in number that the faculty get to know the students well during your time at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. I encourage all students to participate early in one of the many college clubs, so that you get to know your college peers on a level beyond the classroom. 

People from around the world travel to South Texas to enjoy our natural resources and environment, and we invite you to experience all that this region has to offer, such as participating in some of our wildlife digital photography classes.  Kingsville’s close proximity to the historic King Ranch, beautiful beaches, coastal regions and urban centers of Corpus, San Antonio and the Lower Rio Grande Valley make Texas A&M University-Kingsville a center post for enhancing memories with your friends.  You will come to understand the bond among peers and faculty that makes Javelina Nation great.  I invite you to visit our campus and discover for yourself why the Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of AgNR is the best place to fulfill your educational dreams.

Message from the Dean, Dr. Shad D. Nelson