Office Of The Registrar

Academic Procedures

Academic Procedures

Enrollment Verification

TAMUK will process student enrollment verification's through the National Student Loan Clearinghouse (NSLC). Student enrollment data will be reported to the NSLC throughout the semester. Guarantors, servicers and lenders will request enrollment data from the National Student Loan Clearinghouse. A list of these can be viewed in the Financial Aid Office. We will still process verification's in our office for insurance purposes, credit cards, etc. Enrollment verification's will be mailed or can be picked up after three working days from date of receipt. Anyone picking up an enrollment verification must present a valid picture ID.

Three ways to order an Enrollment Certification/Proof of Enrollment:

  1. In-Person at the Javelina Enrollment Services Center in the Memorial Student Union Building, first floor
  2. Complete the Enrollment Verification Form via Microsoft Forms with the link provided.
  3. Scan and email your completed form as an attachment to

Senate Bill 1231, passed during the 80th Texas Legislative Session, limits the number of drops that certain undergraduate students may accrue without a punitive grade. Undergraduate students who complete a high school program, or the equivalent, and enter a Texas public institution of higher education for the first time on or after the Fall Semester of 2007 are subject to the requirements of Senate Bill 1231. More information on Drop Policy.

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the university, the student must notify the Office of the Registrar in person and process a written withdrawal form. A student exempt from Senate Bill 1231 who is withdrawing from the university prior to the last day to drop/withdraw of the semester/term will receive a grade of Q. More information on Withdrawals.

Academic Procedures

Academic Procedures are policies related to the student’s academic program, from course selection and enrollment to exams and grades to issuance of transcripts. Full-time students are subject to the following regulations.