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Recreational Sports

Memberships & Services

All membership tiers require an active TAMUK/TAMU-HS ID within a week of membership purchase.


This is for TAMUK students only. Students not taking summer classes may purchase summer access; however, they must be enrolled in the Spring semester and the Fall semester. Incoming Fall students will be granted access the first day of official move-in. If these students wish for prior access, they must purchase at the Community level.

Faculty/Staff (and spouse/dependents)

Current faculty/staff on-campus at TAMUK and its related properties are eligible to purchase this tier. This includes TAMUK, College of Pharmacy, and SSC workers. 

Spouses/partners and dependents living in the faculty/staff member’s household are eligible for faculty/staff pricing. Note, the faculty/staff member must maintain active membership as a sponsor of their spouse and dependents in order to receive this pricing tier. Otherwise, they will be considered for the community pricing tier.

Note, children of faculty/staff that are home from college for a short period of time are eligible as well. These instances are usually better purchased as either day passes or punch passes. Again, the faculty/staff member must have an active membership for their children to receive this pricing tier.

Faculty/Staff - Family

Faculty/Staff and members living in their household are eligible for this tier. This membership includes 1 faculty/staff member (designated as head of household), 1 spouse/partner, and 4 dependents under the age of 25 living in the same household.


Alumni and retirees of TAMUK/College of Pharmacy may purchase this tier. However, there is no family plan for this tier. Family members must purchase community access.

Community (coming soon)

This membership tier is for anyone not listed above.

Community - Family (coming soon)

Community Family memberships are available to consolidate pricing for multiple family members in one household. This tier includes 1 head of household, 1 spouse/partner, and 4 dependents living in the same household.

Day Pass - 1 visit

The day pass provides access to Rec. Sports facilities & programs (see table below for exclusions).

Guest Pass - 1 visit - max 3 guests

The guest pass is intended for existing members to provide sporadic access to their friends and family that may be visiting the campus. The participant must have an active membership to buy/bring a guest. Additionally, they must sponsor their guest and be with them throughout their visit. Failure to check-out the guest(s), could result in suspension.

Trial Pass - 5 visits – limit,1 purchase per year

The trial pass is intended for faculty/staff and their family members considering a membership but would like a trial period before continuing with a full membership. This is a full-on trial, and not intended to replace the other options; hence, individuals are limited to buying this type of pass to once per year.

Punch Pass - 12 visits

Punch passes are meant as a stopgap measure for those needing more than a day pass, but less than a full-blown membership. Visits are used when the patron wishes to use the facility. Punch passes expire within a year.


Day Pass Guest Pass Trial Pass Punch Pass Membership
Student $5 1x Free 2x $5/guest X $40 Incl. in Fees $75/Summer Session
Faculty/Staff and Spouse/Dependents $7 $7/guest $15 $45 $491/year
Faculty/Staff - Family $7 $7/guest $20 X $1,350/year
Alumni/Retiree $7 $7/guest $15 $45 $491/year
Community $15 $10/guest $20 $60 $600/year
Community - Family X $10/guest $25 X $1,800/year

Current faculty/staff on-campus at TAMUK and its related properties are eligible for payroll deduct. This includes TAMUK, College of Pharmacy, and SSC workers. Please review the application packet in its entirety and submit to the Welcome Desk or via: recsports@tamuk.edu. All questions should be forwarded to Rec. Sports.


Student Rec. Center Rec. Sports Complex GroupX Classes Competitive Sports
Student Y Y Y Y
Faculty/Staff Y Y Y Y*
F/S Family Y Y Y N
Alumni/Retiree Y Y Y Y*
Community Y Y Y N

*Some programs are designed only for students.