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The university requires all students with less than 30 completed semester credit hours (dual enrollment hours are not to be considered because they were not received while living on campus) or under 20 years of age to reside in the university residence halls. Students under the required residence policy, however, will be automatically exempted if they live with a parent or legal guardian within a 50 mile radius of Kingsville which will be verified by the Department of  Housing and Residence Life. All other students wishing to reside off campus who live outside the 50 mile radius must complete a Housing Exception Request Form which is available at the Department of University Housing & Residence Life or online at: Submission of an exemption form does not guarantee approval, so students are advised not to make other housing arrangements until approval is received. Registered students required to live on campus who do not receive approval for exemptions will be billed for on-campus housing.

  • Only the first 75 incoming freshman, as defined by the university, students to lease with
    Newman Hall will be approved to live there.
  • If your plans change with Newman Hall and you still plan on attending the university you
    are required to live on campus or do a follow up exception form letting us know your

Meal Plans

  • Meals furnished under this contract are not transferable from one person to another nor credit be given for meals missed by the student.
  • Students who purchase a meal plan will be issued meal privileges on their student ID. It is the student's responsibility for payment of the board fees so as to obtain / maintain meal privileges.  failure to activate your ID / meal privilege does not exempt the student from the obligation to pay the fill amount of board fees due.


Payment Procedures

Students receiving university sponsored Financial Aid are expected to pay all financial obligations owed to the university at the time they receive the Financial Aid.  Students may choose to pay for the board fee in payments by signing deferred payment plan in the Business Office. However, all payments become due upon the receipt of Financial Aid. The Business Office will prepare invoices and forward such to the student's mailing address.

  • Board payments must be made on or before the due date or a $35.00 late fee will be assessed.
  • If a scheduled payment becomes 10 days delinquent, notification will be forwarded to stop meals (the student will still be responsible to pay for meals that have been stopped because of non-payment).
  • A hold will be places on the student's records for delinquent payments.  A student will not receive his/her grades, transcript, or be allowed to register for future semesters, until such hold is cleared.

Newman Hall Meal Plan Prices
Carte Blanche w/ $75 $2,391.86
14 Meals w/$100 $2,171.28
10 Meals w/$250 $2,113.35
10 Meals w/$100 $1,886.08
10 Meal Plan $1,779.13
105 Meals w/$75 $1,258.87
60 Meals w/$75 $648.38

*Prices subject to change