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University Housing and Residence Life

Hall and Meal Plan Changes

This form is used to change your meal plan from the time you are assigned to a residence hall and room before the semester begins and up until the 5th Class Day.  You can always increase your meal plan at any time during the semester (additional charges will be applied) but downgrades of your meal plan must be submitted by the 5th class day. 

This form is used after you check into your assigned residence hall and room to make a room change or request to live with a roommate. (You must know their K# to make this request)

This form will open up at 7:30am on the 1st class day for Lynch and Martin Hall residents to sign up for a Private Room.  If a room becomes available, after the 12th class day, the hall staff will contact you to sign the paperwork to accept and move into your new Private Room.  Please note the Private Room Fee is $400.

This form opens on the 1st class day at 7:30am for all on campus residents.  It is used to make a request to move from one residence hall to another one.  As space becomes available in your requested hall, our staff will contact you when you can move to the new residence hall.   Residence Hall Prices.