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College of Engineering Committees

College of Engineering Committees 2021-2022

1. Undergraduate Programs (one faculty member from each department)

  • CHNG – Dr. Matthew Alexander
  • CEAE – Dr. Francisco Aguiniga
  • EECS – Dr. Lifford McLauchlan
  • EVEN – Dr. Lucy Camacho
  • MTEN – Dr. Md. Monirul islam
  • MEIE – Dr. Larry Peel, Chair
  • Associate Dean Afzel Noore (ex officio)

2. Graduate Affairs Committee (graduate coordinator of each graduate program)

  • CHNG – Dr. Ali Pilehvari (CHNG and NG)
  • CEAE – Dr. Jong-Won Choi (CE)
  • EECS – Dr. habib Ammari (CS); Dr. Amit Verma (EE & MHEN)
  • EVEN – Dr. Tushar Sinha (PhD), Dr. Jennifer Ren (MS)
  • MTEN – Dr. Farzin Heidari
  • MEIE – Dr. Hua Li (IE) and Dr. Selahattin Ozcelick (ME)
  • Associate Dean Dr. Mahesh Hosur (ex officio)

3. Research Council (one tenured and one tenure-track faculty from each department)

  • CHNG – Dr. Patrick Mills and Dr. Zhaoqi Fan
  • CEAE – Dr. Dazhi Sun and Dr. Amir Hessami
  • EECS – Dr. Muhittin Yilmaz, Dr. Maleq Khan
  • EVEN – Dr. Tushar Sinha and Dr. Adnan Rajib
  • MTEN – Dr. Farzin Heidari and Dr. Md. Monirul Islam
  • MEIE – Dr. Hua Li and Dr. Shah Alam
  • Associate Dean Dr. Mahesh Hosur (Chair)

4. Resources Management (one faculty member from each department)

  • CHNG – Dr. Matthew Alexander
  • CEAE – Mr. James Glusing    
  • EECS – Dr. David Hicks
  • EVEN – Dr. Lucy Camacho
  • MTEN – Dr. Farzin Heidari
  • MEIE – Mr. Grady Isensee
  • Associate Dean Graduate Affairs and Research, Dr. Mahesh Hosur (ex officio)
  • Associate Dean Undergraduate Affairs, Dr. Afzel Noore (ex officio)

5. Promotion and Tenure (one tenured faculty member from each department. Environmental, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering representative must be full professors)

  • CHNG – Dr. Chongwei Xiao (AP)
  • CEAE – Dr. Jong-Won Choi (AP)
  • EECS – Dr. Sung-Won Park (P)
  • EVEN – Dr. Lee Clapp (P)
  • MTEN – Dr. Farzin Heidari (AP)
  • MEIE –  Dr. Selahattin Ozcelik (P), Chair

6. College Council (Voting members of the College Council shall consist of the deans, department chairs, and one member of the Faculty (elected by the Faculty for a two-year term). Other non-voting members (which may include key staff members) are added at the discretion of the Dean.  The Dean chairs the Council.)

  • Dean, Dr. Heidi Taboada
  • Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs and Research - Dr. Mahesh Hosur
  • Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs– Dr. Afzel Noore
  • RGV – Dr. Omar Al-Qudah
  • CHNG – Dr. Ali Pilehvari, Interim Chair
  • CEAE – Dr. Breanna Bailey, Interim Chair
  • EECS – Dr. Scott Smith, Chair
  • EVEN – Dr. David Ramirez, Chair
  • MTEN – Dr. Afzel Noore, Interim Chair
  • MEIE – Dr. Yousef Haik, Chair
  • IAEH – Mr. James Glusing, Director
  • JESSC – Mr. Austin McCoy, Director
  • Outreach – Dr. Cynthia Alvarado-Stinson
  • HPCC - Dr. Robert Diersing, Executive Director
  • Executive Assistant to Dean – Ms. Tamara Guillen
  • Faculty Representative – Dr. Amir Hessami (September 2020 – August 2022)

7. PhD in Engineering Committee

  • Dr. Mahesh Hosur, Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs and Research, Chair
  • Matthew Alexander, CHNG
  • Scott Smith, EECS
  • Yousef Haik, MEIN