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A flexible work (flex) schedule is a variation from the standard work schedule that gives employees greater flexibility to fulfill their job duties while allowing Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) to maintain a progressive and productive work environment for all employees. All budgeted employees are eligible to request a flex schedule arrangement. Managers may approve an employee’s request for a flex schedule arrangement provided it does not compromise their work performance, productivity, or the collaborative pursuit of our mission.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville has approved Flexible Work Schedules between May 13, 2024, through August 16, 2024. Departments may authorize the use of flexible work schedules subject to the following guidelines:


Budgeted employees in good standing and whose job duties and responsibilities are suitable for flexible work (flex) schedule arrangements are afforded the opportunity to establish a flex schedule subject to the following conditions:

  • The work week at TAMUK is Sunday through Saturday. The employee and manager set the employee’s desired flex schedule based on ensuring adequate coverage during the department’s normal hours of operation. The Department Head will ensure that the office is open for operation during the established business hours for their respective area.
  • An approved flex schedule arrangement may be modified, continued, or discontinued at the discretion of management at any time. All flex work schedule arrangements must be routed for review and approval through the manager and appropriate administrative channels including the Department Head and Executive Approver in Workday before being
  • Adequate staff coverage and supervision, sufficient to meet the operating requirements of the department and ensure quality service, are required at all times. Both internal and external customer needs must be considered to determine adequate staffing. One or more employees may assume, with the managers approval, coverage
  • Work that requires regular supervision or essential interaction with other staff must be scheduled when managers and interacting staff are available.
  • Employees who request a flexible work schedule must have at least a 30-minute break within the day.

Managers will:

  • Ensure flexible work schedules are administered consistently and equitably;
  • Ensure that the regulations/rules and coverage requirements are understood and adhered to;
  • Following approval of the flex schedule, all original correspondence and related documentation will be maintained in Workday

Employees will:

  • Plan and organize their time to meet the requirements established by the manager,
  • Participate in the resolution of conflicts between the job and the flexible work schedule and inform the manager when coverage is not


The computation of benefits is the same for employees with a flexible work schedule as for those working a standard schedule. Departments must ensure each non-exempt (paid hourly and eligible for over-time) employee in a flexible work schedule arrangement records total hours worked each day and documents exceptions to the normal work day (such as approved overtime, vacation, or other absences) in Workday. A flexible work schedule does not limit the hours that an exempt employee must work to complete job requirements.

Flexible Work Schedules at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will not be permitted during the weeks of scheduled holidays. All employees with an approved Flexible Work Schedule must maintain a 40-hour work week during the week of a scheduled holiday.

  • Memorial Day (May 27, 2024)
  • Juneteenth (June 19, 2024)
  • Independence Day (July 4, 2024)

Leave requests must be submitted for hours missed during the employee’s flexible work schedule in Workday through the Workday Time worklet. For example, an employee whose flexible work schedule includes a 10-hour work day, must submit a request for 10 hours of leave if that workday is missed due to illness or vacation.

Request a Flexible Work Schedule

Request a Flexible Work Schedule:

Employees must initiate a request for a flexible work schedule according to current university SAPs, System regulations, and applicable guidelines. A flexible work schedule is contingent on approval and should not be considered an employee entitlement.

Log in to Workday to submit a request for approval to establish a flexible work schedule. All flex work schedule arrangements must be routed for review and approval through the manager and appropriate administrative channels including the Department Head and Executive Approver in Workday before being implemented.


Request Flexible Work-Schedule via Workday

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