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What's New for FY23

  • The employee premium will remain the same for medical coverage and there are no plan design changes. We have maintained this employee contribution level for the past seven years even though plan costs have increased.
  • Delta Dental PPO plan rates are increasing slightly for the first time in 12 years.
  • Retirees who are eligible for Medicare A&B will be moved to the 65 Plus Plan. If you are or become eligible for the 65 Plus Plan and opt-out of this coverage because you have medical coverage through another source other than Medicare, or for most other reasons, you will no longer be able to remain in the A&M Care Plan. Opting out of 65 Plus Plan coverage will mean that you are opting out of any medical coverage through the Texas A&M University System.
  • To earn the lowest premium, members need to complete the Two-Step Program by completing two activities from their MyEvive checklist between September 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. Starting September 1, 2022, the annual wellness exam will be required as one of your Two-Step activities for the new plan year.
  • The Healthcare Flexible Spending Account maximum contribution: is $2,850. Dependent Day Care Spending Account: • Maximum contribution: $5,000/year ($2,500 if married and filing a separate income tax return)
  • Changes can be made to your benefits during the Open Enrollment period each July. During the plan year, you can only change your medical, dental, vision, or flexible spending account coverage within 31 days of a Qualifying Life Event. For example, if you have a new baby, you can add the baby to your health coverage, but you cannot drop your spouse from health coverage. If you do not make your changes within 31 days of the Life Event, you cannot change coverage until the next Open Enrollment in July to be effective the following September 1.
  • Here are plan updates for September 1: A complete description of your coverage and exclusions for each plan can be found in the plan’s Summary Plan Description booklet,
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