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Work/Life Solutions by GuidanceResources

The Texas A&M University System is proud to offer Work/Life Solutions to eligible employees. These programs usually offer in-person and telephonic counseling services, training, and have resources to help employees deal with all kinds of stressful issues from parenting to the death of a loved one to conflicts at work. Contact ComPsych GuidanceResources with the information below.

What is the Work/Life Solutions Program?


Phone Numbers:

Active Employees – 1-866-301-9623

Retirees – 1-833-306-0105

Qatar – 00800.100.071

  Your Employee Assistance Program can help with:

  • Stress at home or in the workplace
  • Problems with coworkers or supervisors
  • Balancing work and family
  • Living with depression or anxiety
  • Managing a healthy weight
  • Struggling with personal finances
  • Quitting smoking
  • Alcoholism or substance abuse
  • Legal issues
  • Resolving marital/relationship issues
  • Coping with the impact of a tragedy
  • Dealing with aging parents
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • Controlling anger and emotions
  • Life changes or transactions
  • Other issues affecting your well-being