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Prior State Service & Employment Verification Request

Human Resources offers assistance with the processing of Prior State Service and Employment Verification requests.

The following guidance is provided:

State Service

State service, also referred to as service or lifetime service credit, is the credit received for the period in which an employee:

  • Serves as a full-time, part-time or temporary state employee or otherwise serves as an employee of the state.
  • Serves as a member of the legislature.
  • Holds a statewide office that is normally filled by the vote of the people.
  • Serves as an academic employee of a state institution of higher education.

Procedures & forms relevant to state service are available through the links given below:

Requesting Prior State Service

All employees wanting Prior Service Verification must complete the Prior Service Verification Form. This form is originally given to the employee during New Employee Orientation. Once the form is complete, the employee will submit to the Office of Human Resources Employment Team. The Employment Team will forward the information to the proper state agencies. Once all information has been provided from other state agencies, the Employment Team will provide a letter to both Payroll and the employee verifying the state service. If any BRP money is due or back pay for longevity, this will be stated in the letter.

Employment Verifications

Listed below are the various types of Employment Verification that can be done and the responsible individuals/departments that you can direct your requests using the contact information below.


  • Previous Employees Less Than 5 Years 
  • Previous Employees Greater Than 5 Years