History, Political Science, and Philosophy


Dr. Brian Robinson

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Robinson is a native Texan and New Yorker in exile. Before coming to TAMUK, he was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Michigan State University, Visiting Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University, and completed his doctorate at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

Among his research interests are experimental philosophy (yes, that's actually a thing), moral psychology, virtue ethics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science. Much of his recent research has focused on the paradox of intellectual humility. Intuitively, one can't truthfully brag about being humble. This paradox creates problems for measuring people's intellectual humility, a problem Robinson and colleagues on a grant have worked to overcome by developing new psychometrically validated methods for measuring this virtue. He works on the moral psychology of amusement, gossip, and cooperation. In philosophy of science, most of his research is on the philosophical differences of scientists in different disciplines. The goal is to map those differences, understand how scientific disciplines differ philosophically, and thereby enable greater interdisciplinary scientific collaboration. 

Dr. Robinson also is an ongoing collaborator with the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative, an initiative that uses philosophy to enhance collaboration in interdisciplinary scientific research. He carries this central idea of this project into the classroom: philosophy is everywhere and learning to think and dialogue philosophically can help in any occupation or pursuit in life. 

Dr. Brian Robinson