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Student Support Services-Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics (SSS-STEM)


Student Support Services-Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics (SSS-STEM) is a federally funded TRIO program that aims to increase the retention and graduation rates of its participants. Services include academic guidance, tutoring, mentoring, and cultural/educational events. The mission of SSS-STEM is to facilitate a climate supportive of academic success and personal enrichment through proactive and individualized services available to the student from their first semester through graduation. SSS-STEM students are challenged to take charge of their learning and develop skills that will enable them to enhance their lives and become well-rounded citizens of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville community. SSS-STEM staff initiate and develop partnerships with students that are academically based and also strive to lead students down a path towards cultural growth and awareness.

What Do We Offer?

The following services are free of charge to active SSS-STEM students.


Academic Advising - helps you set achievable goals and develops the skills needed to ensure that you make timely progress toward your degree.

Academic Coaching - work with you one-on-one to identify and overcome obstacles that may prevent you from being successful.

Academic Monitoring - SSS-STEM collects weekly, Pre-Midterm and Midterm reports that will provide staff with information in time to help you take action and improve your course grades.

Academic Networking Events - faculty and staff meet and greet events, workshops on study skills, time management, personal development, and other topics of interest. SSS-STEM students are honored at our Graduation Reception during December and May of each year.

Career Guidance - help you formulate answers to the questions ''Who am I?'', ''What do I want to do?'' and ''How do I get there from here?''

Course Planning - assists you in identifying and examining your strengths and limitations in order to create a manageable schedule of classes.

Financial Education - helps you improve your financial literacy and gain knowledge of financial resources through workshops, individual counseling and a SSS-STEM online Financial Literacy course.

Financial Support - you can apply for additional financial aid and TRIO scholarships specifically for SSS-STEM students.

Graduate/Professional School Coaching - offers assistance for raising your aspiration, researching financial aid options and completing application packages.

High-Tech Computer Lab - specifically reserved for only SSS-STEM students to work on a Dell or Apple computer, print coursework and make copies.

Personal Counseling - provides you with access to sensitive and caring SSS staff who strives to understand and support your goals, your aspiration and your challenges--both academic and non-academic.

Resource Library - connections to useful resources on various topics from course specific study technique, healthy lifestyle, careers and financial management.

Study Zones - a quiet place to study and learn from other students.

Tutoring - one-on-one and group instruction is provided by peer and professional tutors who have the training and expertise in math, science and other subjects.

Writing Assistance - provides an evaluation of your writing to help produce quality academic essays. In addition, you are helped with developing resumes and personal statements for career support and graduate school entry.

A student is eligible to participate in an SSS-STEM program if the student meets all of the following requirements:

  • First generation
  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Enrolled at the institution or accepted fo enrollment in the next academic term
  • Has a need for academic support
  • Individual with disabilities

To apply, please complete the following form provided below and return to the SSS-STEM office located at Eckhardt Hall Room 225.


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