Student Health and Wellness

Counseling Services

Online or Distance Learners

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Student Health and Wellness, Counseling Services, offers Tele-Mental Health counseling services for our online and distance learners.  Tele-Mental Health is delivered through the HIPAA secure platform ZOOM.

Eligibility to receive Tele-Mental Health services:

  • Currently enrolled in classes at TAMUK and Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • The student must be in the state of Texas at the time of service delivery
  • Ability to connect to a meeting on-line through ZOOM
    • Access to the internet
    • Access to a confidential location

Once an appointment is made with your counselor, you will receive an email entitled “Student Health and Wellness ZOOM MEETING” with a link to the ZOOM Meeting, Meeting ID and Password. 

***You will need this information to connect to ZOOM on the date and time of your appointment.                                           

You will also receive a link to our intake portal, Titanium.

Please fill out all intake forms prior to your Tele-Mental Health appointment that is required to receive Tele-Mental Health services. 

Confirmation of your identity and location will be confirmed at the beginning of each Tele-Mental Health counseling session.

Please note: Upon the initial counseling intake session you and your counselor will determine if Tele-Mental Health services are appropriate to address your specific need.   Specific instances where Tele-Mental Health may not be appropriate include but are not limited to:  current suicidal or homicidal ideation, moderate to severe mental health disorders, and/or unsuitable technological capability.  If the need for direct, in-person services are more appropriate, you may be referred to an outside agency or provider and may be responsible for any financial obligations incurred. 

Distance learners may also contact Counseling Service for assistance in finding local services, within the limits of the knowledge of services, up to the limits of state and federal law, and within the guidelines of professional ethics. 

You can also find Texas mental health services in your area by, downloading this service area map (PDF) or use the online mental health services search form.

Additionally, distance learning students can access any and all information and materials available on the Counseling Services website including information about emergency mental health resources.

For additional information contact Counseling Services at 361-593-5080.