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What are HTML Tags?

Tags are keywords in the HTML code that format how website content is displayed or formatted. When creating your website, whether through the editor or the 'Source code' view in the editor, it is important to know that your content is wrapped in the correct tags. The most common tags you will find when creating websites for TAMUK are:

  • Unordered List - <ul></ul>
  • Ordered List - <ol></ol>
  • List Item - <li></li>
  • Heading - <h1></h1>,<h2></h2>, etc.
  • Paragraph - <p></p>

These can be viewed at the bottom of the editor as shown below: 

 tags are at that bottom of the editor


When forming a list, be sure to have each element of the list between <li></li> tags. If not, no formatting will be applied to indicate it is part of the list.

For information about how to organize heading tags refer to the FAQ entitled 'Organizing Headings'.


When you begin typing in the editor, the editor will not always attach <p></p> tags, in the event that something you are typing is not in <p></p> tags, simply press Enter on your keyboard, then Backspace to return the content to its original position.