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Cascade Users Guide

Navigation Bar and Anchors


Anchors are an easy way to help a user quickly get to information on your page; they use coded "anchors" that you can link to in the same menu used to create internal/external links.

To begin creating an anchor, click your mouse in the editor where you want the anchor to be, this would be where you want the user to be led to. Then select the anchor tool from the toolbar as shown below.

anchor button in toolbar

Next, name the anchor in the id field. (Keep in mind, anchors are case sensitive.)

Finally, highlight the word, letter, or image that will contain the link and select the Insert/edit link tool, then enter the anchor id in the Anchor field as demonstrated below.

Insert Link Cascade Window

Reordering the Navigation Bar

Reordering the navigation bar is useful for organizing pages in the order that you want them to appear, whether it be by importance or alphabetically. To begin reordering the navigation bar hover over the parent folder name and click on the arrow next to the folder name as shown below.

parent folder arrow

To begin reorganizing the order of the pages you must first select 'Order' to organize the pages in the order they appear in the navigation bar, as demonstrated below. (Without this, Cascade will not allow you to complete the next step.)

Page order cascade window

Next, while hovering over the page name or selection box, click and drag the page to the desired location. Finally, for these changes to appear in the navigation bar republish the folder.