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Honors College

Registration Process

Registration Process

  1. Honors students have priority registration status.
  2. Student must first contact their individual college Academic Advisors and follow their registration rules. College advising must be completed before Priority Registration day.
  3. To take Honors Only sections, students have to meet with the Honors Requirements Coordinator to achieve permission. (No one else can permit into Honors sections.)  Student must meet with the Honors Requirement Coordinator to be permitted. 
  4. Honors contracts cannot to taken in completely online sections, nor in sections with the instructor listed as TBA.

How to Process an Honors Contract 

  1. Obtain the Professor’s consent to take the course for Honors credit and develop, in conjunction with the Professor, a description of the proposed Honors component for the course. (If the Professor is interested, but needs more information, they should call the Honors Requirement Coordinator.)
  2. Complete the Honors contract form with the Professor. (All signatures need to be originals.) The Honors component must be listed on the contract form or attach on a signed separate sheet of paper.  
  3. The student turns the completed form into the Honors Requirement Coordinator and typically will be asked to stay in the office to complete the process.
  4. An Honors contract CRN is created in Banner. (Only the Honors Requirements Coordinator can create HR sections.)
  5. The student will then be moved from the original CRN to the Honors CRN. This is the only way the “Honors” designation will show on your transcript. This CRN move does not change the student's schedule.

When are Honors Contracts Processed?

The Honors contract period opens for three weeks the day after priority registration (April and October).  Contracts must be completed within that time frame.

For summer contracts, all contracts must be processed and the student moved into the Honors CRN before 8:00am on the first day of the corresponding summer session.