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Retiree Resources

Step 1: Requesting a new Office 365 account

Office 365 is the latest e-mail service from Microsoft, and it has arrived at TAMUK. In accordance with TAMUK Retiree E-mail Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.99.K1.065, retirees are eligible for two continued methods of communication upon retirement: a account and an optional retiree e-mail group.

Step 2: Activating your new Office 365 account

How to activate and access your Office 365 retiree e-mail

Step 3a: Accessing your Office 365 account

Access your Office 365 account.

Note: Any of your personal e-mail in your current TAMUK e-mail that you wish to keep will need to be forwarded to your new Office 365 retiree e-mail address.

Your new account includes Microsoft Office web applications such as Word & Excel. You will also receive Microsoft One Drive which allows free online storage space. 
For more information, please refer to these One Drive instructions.

Your current TAMUK e-mail account will be decommissioned 60 days from notice, or your official last day, whichever is later.

Step 3b (Optional): Retiree E-mail on your mobile phone

Setup your retiree email using Android smartphone instructions.

Setup your retiree email using iPhone smartphone instructions.