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Alumni Resources

Step 1: Receiving a new Office 365 Alumni e-mail account

Office 365 is the latest e-mail service from Microsoft, and it has arrived at TAMUK. This is available for all students who graduate from Texas A&M University - Kingsville.

To receive a new Office 365 alumni e-mail account, upon applying for graduation, an alumni e-mail account is created and available for students.  The students e-mail will still be available for one semester after graduation, but will be disabled afterwards.  The alumni e-mail will resemble the student e-mail exactly, where the firstname.lastname will stay the same. (Note: some students have middle initials in their e-mail or first names, they will also match when an alumni e-mail is created)  The ending of the e-mail is what will change from to

Step 2: Activating your new Office 365 Alumni e-mail account

To activate your alumni e-mail account, login to  Enter your e-mail address as your  The password will be K00######a (The K is capital) by default.

Step 3a: Transferring e-mail from your student e-mail to your alumni e-mail

If you wish to transfer the majority of your student e-mail into your alumni e-mail account, and you have Microsoft Outlook, you can setup both accounts on outlook, then drag and drop e-mail from the student e-mail into your alumni e-mail.

Step 3b (Optional): Alumni e-mail on your mobile phone

Setup your alumni e-mail using Android smartphone instructions.

Setup your alumni e-mail using iPhone smartphone instructions.