Shower Facility

The Institute of Architectural Engineering Heritage is conducting projects at Rancho La Union® on behalf of the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Foundation. A current project is the construction of a shower facility. The project is part of an “everything should be a student learning opportunity” philosophy shared by the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Foundation and Institute of Architectural Engineering Heritage. Students working on this project have learned construction on a heritage site requires a multidisciplinary team of engineers, archeologists, historians, and builders to complete the project.

Dr. Christine Reiser-Robbins collecting a soil sample as part of phase one archeology test Student team conducting the phase one archeology test with their sample grid, and soil sifters

Engineering students digging trenches for the perimeter beam for the foundation

Completed foundation formwork and perimeter beam trenches.

Students assembling rebar for the perimeter beams

Students setting rebar assemblies into trenches.

The job site is not accessible by the cement truck. Students built a trough for to extend delivery of the cement to avoid moving 5.5 yards of concrete by wheelbarrow.

The teams of students with their concrete pour complete.

The Rancho in rainy season

Students were always under the watchful eye of the locals.