Railroad Depot Project

A partnership of the City of Kingsville, the Institute of Architectural Engineering Heritage, and Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, is constructing a static display for a track inspection car at the 1904 Railroad Depot and Museum, on behalf of the Kleberg County Historic Foundation. Students, most for the first time, are learning the challenges of construction through first hand experience. The first phase, as shown in the photograph of the track inspection car, was completed in spring of 2016. The second phase, construction of a post and beam structure and roof, is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017.

Installation of formwork and steel reinforcement for the concrete foundation. Lesson: Over engineering spacers to hold up steel, “chairs”, will lead to loss time for their removal.

Concrete being poured. Lesson: after the concrete is loaded on the truck, weather will not stop a concrete pour.

The completed display base and footings for the second phase structure.

Union Pacific Railroad installed the track including ballast, ties, and rails.  We were told it is the shortest spur in Union Pacific Railroad history.