Communication Sciences and Disorders

Leveling Program

Course Sequence

All incoming leveling students undergo a transcript review. Students may be required to complete additional coursework in statistics, biological sciences, chemistry or physics, social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology), and/or math as required by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for incoming graduate students.

Students who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in CSDO, but wish to apply for the Masters program must also complete the following leveling work over the two specified semesters:


First Semester (Fall) Second Semester (Spring)
2302 - Intro to Comm Disorders 2325 - Phonetics
3313 - Intro to Audiology 4321 - Articulatory and Phonolog Disorders
3321 - Anat of Auditory and Vocal Mec 4331 - Speech and Hearing Science
3333 - Normal Language Acquisition 4335 - Comm Disorders in Children
4336 - Comm Disorders in Adults 4390 - Clinical Methodologies

 For descriptions of these courses, see the course catalog.