Center for Academic Technology


Interactive Classrooms

Center for Academic Technology interactive style classrooms incorporate the latest technology: they have several tables for students with one pc, tv monitor and keyboard and mouse set per table. The instructor can choose to push their content to all the tables simultaneously, as well as to the main screen projected behind them. In addition, the instructor can allow the tables to be used individually and crisscross presentations at their discretion. For a list of our interactive classrooms, please view this link.


Here is a list of our Interactive Classrooms across campus:

Rhode Hall – Room 247 (max. 30 seats)

Rhode hall, 247

Jernigan Library - Room 125 (max. 36 seats)

Jernigan, 125

Engineering Complex – Room 109 (max. 68 seats)

Engineering, 109

Manning Hall – Room 228 (max. 52 seats)

Manning, 228