Center for Academic Technology


Auditorium Style Classrooms

Auditorium-Style/Voice-Lift Classrooms:

Another type of audio-visual classrooms maintained by the Innovation Team is an auditorium-style classrooms and the classrooms with the voice lift.  Voice lift is the technology that utilizes microphones throughout the classroom and the podium has devices that connect to a lapel microphone for the instructor, or the podium also has a microphone.  Listed below are the auditorium-style classrooms with or without the voice lift technology:

Speech Building – Room 182 (auditorium only, no voice lift)

Speech, 182

Biology Earth & Sciences Building – Room 100

Biology, 102

Kleberg Agriculture – Room 102

Kleberg, 102

Kleberg Hall – Room 149

Kleberg, 149

Nierman Science Hall – Room 251

Nierman, 251