Center for Academic Technology


Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage? 

In essence digital signage is a large video display anywhere from 40” to 75” in size. The screen can be static (non-touch) or touchscreen enabled for more interactive content. It is powered by a small computer that is mounted behind the display that controls the software that displays your digital signage content on screen. Typically a static display is mounted horizontally while touchscreen displays are in a vertical format. 

What can Digital Signage do?  

Digital Signage can provide students, faculty and staff in your department with timely and attention grabbing dynamic content. It can minimize the usage of printed paper, repeated or lost email announcements, and phone calls by featuring a persistent attention grabbing platform to share departmental and University-wide information. Best of all, updating your digital sign is as easy as creating a PowerPoint and uploading it to a web site. See digital signage features sheet for more information. 

How much does it cost?  

Please see the separate pricing sheet for details and configurations currently available for purchase.  

How can I request to get a Digital Sign?  

The process begins with contacting iTech / Center for Academic Technology and making an appointment for an on-site evaluation of your needs. See the supporting document for details.