Title V

Undergraduate Research


1. What are the benefits of doing undergraduate research?

As an undergraduate student you get the opportunity to clarify your career goals.  Experiential learning will give you the opportunity to decide whether your selected major is right for you.  Research shows that students who participate in research have a deeper and more meaningful grasp of their selected major and perform better within their content courses.  Other benefits include sharpening your critical and analytical thinking skills, enhance your inquiry skills, contribute to meaningful scholarly pursuits and extend your classroom learning.

2. I’m not a science or engineering major.  Can I still do research?

Of course!  Please visit our TAMUK research database to find all the research opportunities within our disciplines at TAMUK.

3. I am not a junior or senior.  Can I still conduct research?

Absolutely!  We encourage all undergraduate students to participate in research as soon as they are ready and take an interest in it!

4. What if I have my own project in mind?

We support and admire your dedication to develop your own research!  If you visit our database and do not find a faculty member who is doing similar research, we encourage you to contact the UR coordinator. We also have a list of important links that may be beneficial to you.

5. How do I know which faculty are doing research?

Our database collects a wealth of information!  You will be able to see the names of faculty, their research interests, their current research projects and an accompanying abstract.  We also encourage you to do your own investigating.  Ask the faculty members in your department or contact the departments’ administrative assistant.