Title V

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Faculty Course Redesign Competition

The I-CARE grant is looking for innovative faculty who will develop and promote undergraduate research and scholarly activities to create an active learning environment and help students develop inquiry and critical thinking skills within the classroom.   Relevant research reveals that more contact between students and faculty, both inside and outside the classroom, enhances college students’ development and learning outcomes*.  Our objective is to increase the number of faculty who incorporate undergraduate research within their course(s) by redesigning their curricula and support students in their pursuit of creativity, scholarship and research.

A yearly competition will take place every spring semester (for the next five years) to encourage faculty in innovating and redesigning their course to include research components. A scalable stipend ranging from $2,500- $5,000 will be provided in support of the faculty who are awarded based on the scope and outcomes of proposed projects.  A designated committee will read, review and select the winners.  The Undergraduate Research Coordinator will notify the winners. 

The URP supports faculty by:

  • Providing a one time stipend while they develop and implement research in their course
  • Encouraging them to incorporate undergraduate research within their freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior level courses


  • Dr. April Conkey, RWSC 3310
  • Dr. Michelle Garcia, ANSC 1419
  • Dr. Lana McDonnell, COMS 3331
  • Dr. Richard Laughlin & Dr. Shawnda Kumro, BIOL 1106 & BIOL 2421
  • Dr. Christine Fiestas, CSDO 3333
  • Dr. Brenda Melendy, HIST 1302
  • Dr. Jieming Chen, CRIM/SOCI 4382
  • Dr. Soyoung Kwon, PSYC/SOCI 3381
  • Dr. Pritti Verma, FINC 4342
  • Dr. John Cicala, MKTG 4310
  • Dr. Olivia Modesto, EDRG 3344
  • Dr. Daniel Burt, EDKN 4342
  • Dr. Robert Kowalsky, EDKN 4324
  • Dr. Chongwei Xiao, CHEN 4389
  • Dr. Juan Bezares-Cruz, EVEN 3328
  • Dr. Hua Li, MEEN 4373

2016-2017 Awardees