Student Success

Academic Success

Interested in applying as a Tutor or PAL?

Are you interested in joining our Student Success Team as a TUTOR or PAL?

Job Descriptions / Duties


  • Facilitate students learning, individually or in small groups.
  • Aids students in acquiring good study skills and methods.
  • Help with general office duties & answering phones.
Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)
  • Attend the assigned specific PAL class and regularly communicate with the course professor.
  • Prepare for and facilitate two to three 50 minute PAL study sessions a week
  • Hold weekly office/planning/tutoring hours

Satisfactory Student Status

  • Be currently enrolled at TAMUK and in good standing at the time of application and throughout employment.
  • Have successfully completed 12 cumulative undergraduate hours.

Content Knowledge

  • A preferred minimum institution GPA of 3.0 and an “A or B” in the course(s) you wish to work with.
  • Provide a transcript indicating completion of the course(s) for which you want to provide student support.
  • Have a faculty submit a letter of recommendation to or direct the faculty to complete our reference form at

Exhibit the following imperative skills:

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Research Ability
  • Oral, Written, & Digital Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism & Integrity
  • Digital Information Fluency
  • Basic office/customer service skills
  • Initiative to take on tasks, projects, or events

Other requirements

  • Maintain daily appointments, logs, and record-keeping
  • A positive attitude & willingness to learn and professionally develop.
  • Attend meetings, trainings, and other professional development activities (usually on Saturday and Sunday)