McNair Symposium

2023 McNair Research Symposium

Carissa Perez

Factors Influencing High School-aged Student Success: An Exploratory Case Study of a Rural South Texas School District

Minimal research has been conducted regarding the success factors associated with high school students in rural school districts, leaving a gap in our understanding of the elements that influence students’ academic, technical, and life success. This study's purpose was to identify factors that contribute to the success of juniors and seniors enrolled at one rural public high school in South Texas. This study utilized a mixed methods design, which involved the collection of qualitative data first and then quantitative data. Researchers accessed public records of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to examine the relationships between juniors and seniors at the subject school compared to other junior and senior students in the same Education Service Center (Region One). A holistic approach was implemented during observation and semi-structured interviews to assess students’ perceptions of support systems and the campus environment. The results of this study could inform the faculty, staff, and students by identifying potential factors contributing to student success. The findings may also be transferred to districts of comparable size, composition, and TEA classification to achieve higher levels of student success and accomplishment in their own communities.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeffery Chernosky

Department of History, Political Science and Philosophy

Carissa Perez's poster

Carissa Perez