McNair Symposium

2023 McNair Research Symposium

Isla Coronado

Exploration of Extended Techniques in Michael Colgrass’ Wild Riot of the Shaman’s Dreams

Contemporary flute compositions can require multiple techniques beyond the scope of traditional fundamentals. This is exemplified in Michael ColgrassWild Riot of the Shaman’s Dreams (WROTSD) which requires the use of pitch bending, flutter-tonguing, whistle tones, quarter tone flat and sharp notes, whistling wind, singing, and playing, key trills, and a “death rattle.” This study identified and defined these extended techniques, explores challenges associated with producing them, and proposes practice strategies. A chronological approach to preparing this work for performance and a review of available resources to assist with the process was outlined. In addition, this study sheds light on a piece that exploits the classically trained flutist’s skill set; as well as assisting to de-stigmatize common preconceptions about the use of extended techniques in flute music. This qualitative study aims to serve as a guide for flutists looking to build upon their established fundamentals, explore contemporary music, and produce a large range of extended techniques specifically in Michael ColgrassWROTSD.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Janzen

TAMUK School of Music

Isla Coronado's Poster

Isla Coronado