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Web Content - What does it mean?

Expertise vs. Compelling Content

You may be an expert in your field but if the message you're presenting doesn't capture the audience’s attention in seconds and continue to keep it, then you've probably lost them forever.

Types of Content and its Purpose

Recruitment, Research, Social, Internal Operations, News/Events and Publications.

  • Public facing content is primarily for recruitment.
  • Recruitment content should be presented in a way that students want to become part of the Javelina Family.
  • Multi Media and Social Media content (the extracurricular content): The university website is not a place for blogs, music bites, photo galleries, videos, etc. Maintaining a link to your social media is enough.
  • Internal Content used by various non-academic units around campus for day to day operations needed by current students should be made accessible through an intranet like JNET. This reduces site clutter on the public facing side of the university website.
  • College and Departmental Documents, News, Events and Publications
    • Documents such as word, PDF and power point should maintain good accessibility practices in mind when being produced.
    • Documents that contain events are prohibited, please contact MARCOMM for training on uploading your college or department's events on the University Calendar.
    • News and Events posted on a web page should be regularly archived to another format.
      • A few things that can help you decided to archive are:
        • Is this still useful content?
        • Is this content outdated?
        • Is this content relevant now to students looking to go to TAMUK?

Search Engine Optimization

  • Well crafted content improves your sites search engine leads by driving more direct traffic to an individual site.
  • Following good accessibility principles will also structure web pages in a way that is easier for search engines to find relevant information.
  • There are over four thousand pages on the domain and all academic home pages (colleges and departments) should be reachable in two clicks or less from the main home page. If you find one that is not please let web services know.
  • Being two clicks away from the home page does not mean it will improve views to a departmental site.
  • The reality of the internet is page leads and conversion rates only improve when search engine ranking improves.
  • Rankings are based off of key words found in page content or by increasing direct page traffic through direct advertising.

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