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Web - Accessibility Statement

Web Services strives for a friendly user interface and site structure that makes finding relevant content easy for everyone. Web Services works diligently to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA conformance. Web site administrators are vigilant at maintaining the site through scanning technologies, regular human evaluation and content contributor training.


To Improve Web Content Accessibility

Please contact Web Services if you need a higher level of accessibility assistance on the website and or if you find content online that does not meet accessibility standards so that the issue may be addressed promptly.

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Testing Success Criteria

To improve the site a number of measures are in place.

  • Cascade Server, accessibility checker is on: The Cascade Server is the universities' content management system for creating web pages. What does the Cascade Server's accessibility checker do?
    • "Content created via Cascade Server is automatically checked for 508 compliance (for persons with disabilities), and relevant W3C standards are adhered to."
    • "The Web Content Management System enforces the objective items for levels 1 and 2 compliance. This includes ALT attributes for images and summary attributes for tables. Certain initiatives are subjective, and human intervention is required."
  • SiteImprove: "SiteImprove is a service that regularly crawls the (TAMUK) website and tracks any broken links, spelling errors, and accessibility issues."
  • Google Analytics: "is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic." Google Analytics is used to improve site flow, hierarchy of content by relevance, and improve content searchability.
  • Human Evaluation: Using the above tools helps to identify areas of concern so that Cascade Server administrators can check content objectively then bring it in line to satisfy necessary criteria.

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The website administrators for TAMUK have participated in web accessibility training provided through the Texas A&M University-System by WebAIM

The information that they have learned about web accessibility is disseminated to university web content contributors and managers during their initial web training. Follow up sessions are conducted when the need arises.