Welcome to Javelina Nation!

We are delighted that you are joining the Javelina Nation! TAMUK is committed to your success as an active member of the international Javelina family. Here you will find steps for completing our mandatory Pre-Arrival Orientation. Follow us on Instagram @tamuk_oisss and Twitter @OISSSTamuk

Mandatory Pre-Arrival Requirements

STEP 1: F-1/J-1 Regulation Basics Workshop

This workshop provides students with the basic rules and limitations of their F-1 or J-1 Student Visa. The workshop must be accessed through JNet, under the "Campus Records" tab. Click on the Walkthrough below to get started.

*Students will not be able to register for class until after they have viewed the F-1/J-1 Basics Workshop and Checked-In with OISSS.

STEP 2: Check-in with OISSS

Once you arrive to the U.S., you will need to notify the OISSS by Checking-In with our office. 

The Check-In process can be done completely online, but students must be in the U.S. and have a Physical U.S. Address to report before they can complete the process.

Expressive Activity On Campus

In 2019, the 86th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 18, addressing the protection of campus expressive activities. This new law adds Texas Education Code Section 51.9315, which requires that each public institution of higher education “adopt a policy detailing student’s rights and responsibilities regarding expressive activities” on its campus. As stated in the Preamble to the bill: Freedom of expression is of critical importance and requires each public institution of higher education to ensure free, robust, and uninhibited debate and deliberations by students enrolled at the institution, regardless of whether the students are on or off campus.
Texas A&M University – Kingsville has adopted University Rule 08.99.99.K1, Expressive Activity on Campus, to comply with this new law. The university rule is published on our University Rules and Procedures website linked below.