Office of International Student & Scholar Services

Post-Arrival/Acculturation Workshops

 The Office of International Student & Scholar Services has organized the following acculturation classes/workshops for our newly arrived international students and scholars.

  • Cultural Adjustment; Studying in a new country. Presented by: Beth Smith, ELTC Instructor
Topic: what is culture, Experiencing culture shock, how to adapt to a new culture and environment, common stages of cultural adjustment, strategies to cope with cultural stress any personal experience you may want to include. Wed., September 25th @2-3pm in Cousins Hall rm. 121
  • Effective Communication & Goal Setting.  Presented by: Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation -Projects Turnaround
Topic: Understand working with others in small groups. Thurs., October 17th @3-4pm in Cousins Hall Rm. 121
  • Understanding the Student Code of Conduct: Academic Honesty.  Presented by: Antonia Alvarez, Acting Director/Student Affairs
Topics: The meaning of academic dishonesty, avoiding unintentional acts of plagiarism or cheating, types of academic misconducts and/or review & discuss the importance of student code of conduct established by the university. Thurs., October 24th @2-3pm in Cousins Hall Rm. 121