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Javelina Card

Javelina Express Card Frequently Asked Questions

To report a lost or stolen card, please email the ID card office at  or call (361) 593-2243.

Any funds left on your card will be transferred to your new card.  New cards can be obtained from the ID Card office located in the Memorial Student Union for a fee of $10.  Please contact the ID Center in the event your card is lost or stolen so that we can suspend your card until you receive your new card. The ID center is not responsible for funds used on a lost or stolen card.

Yes and no.  Flex Kash can be refunded if the unused amount is greater than or equal to $20.00.  Please contact the Business Office to request a refund.  There are no refunds for Aramark Dollars, Express Money, or Print Points.

  • Aramark $: is an account that can only be used at retail areas and is carried over between semesters until you leave the University.  You can add funds either in the Aramark offices or by phone at (361) 593-3119.
  • Express Money: is a student account that is tied to a university meal plan and can only be used in retail areas.  The funds can only be adjusted when downgrading or upgrading a meal plan and are carried over from the Fall to the Spring semester.  Any unused balances are removed at the end of the Spring and Summer sessions.  Meal plans can be purchased through University Housing and Residence Life or the Aramark offices.
  • Flex Kash: is an account that can be used at print release stations as well as retail, dining areas, and the the Book Store. Flex Kash can be refunded if the unused amount is greater than or equal to $20.00. Please contact the Business Office to request a refund.  You can add funds electronically through the TAMUK eAccounts website, or at a PHIL (payment headquarter in location) with cash in the MSUB or Library.  Balance and transaction history can be viewed at both locations.
  • GoPrint Points: is an account for students (paid by student service fees) that is loaded each semester by the ID card office. Each enrolled student will receive $20.00 for Fall and $20.00 for Spring.  $20.00 is given to all students enrolled in summer classes.  $20.00 is equal to 200 single sided black and white copies.  Additional points are needed for color and double sided jobs.  GoPrint Points cannot be redeemed and any unused amounts will be removed at the end of the semester.

You can replace your card at the ID Card Office in the Memorial Student Union or a fee of $10.00.

Yes.  You can view your cardholder statement by logging into the TAMUK eAccounts website. Once logged in you can view board and declining balance account activity.

After the first time you log in to eAccounts you will have 120 days until the account will be locked out.  You can prevent this by logging in anytime between the 120 day period.  If you do get locked out, please send an email to so we can unlock your account.  Requests can take up to 24 hours.